Squaw Valley, California




Megan is 20 years old, she graduated high school at age 17 with her associate degree. She is learning to shoe horses to follow in her mother’s footsteps. She has been training horses since she was 13, she breaks and trains all her own horses, including the one she is on now. Some other hobbies she enjoys are riding dirt bikes, welding, and photography.



Bella is a 4th generation resident of our beautiful Squaw Valley. She is 13 years old and is starting 8th grade at Dunlap Elementary this fall. She is a member of the MRA, has shown her skills and abilities at the local gymkhana events and dreams of one day becoming a professional Barrel Racer.

Bella got her love of horses from her mother who used to perform with the Glory Riders and had Bella on a horse before she could walk. Bella became an orphan in 2017 but by the grace of God, sheer determination and lots of love she has become the beautiful, kind- hearted young lady that you see here today.

She is an overcomer who loves nothing more than God, her family, friends, her horses, and serving others. Not always in that order, sometimes the horse is second in line. She hopes to become the next Rodeo Princess as a way to serve and share her love of all things Rodeo wherever she goes.



Madison is a 14 year old and she is running for MRA princess. She resides in Clovis California. She is active in barrel racing and is heavily involved in FFA. In the future she plans to become an Equine Veterinarian. She Dreams to become a bison rancher in Montana.



Nicole is 13 years old, she was born in Sacramento, California and moved to Squaw Valley when she was 7 years old. Nicole has had a love for horses since she was 2 months old, Nicole said “When she is older she wants to become a horse trainer, just like her dad’s side of the family.” Nicole loves hanging out with friends and family, doing anything that includes horses. Nicole comes from a huge family and enjoys being the center of attention.



Paitlynn is the 13 year old daughter of Michelle Palmer. She was born in Fresno, Ca. She attends Rio Vista Middle School , where she is in the 8th grade. Paitlynn is very active in various clubs and sings in choir. Paitlynn has been riding horses since she was 6 years old and has won buckles in pleasure, gymkhana, and rodeo royalty. She is currently training with C & C Performance Horses for ranch riding in hopes of buckling in that field as well. Paitlynn was MRA Little Miss in 2018 and is hoping to capture the title again this year as MRA Princess.



Shelby is 13 years old, the daughter of Brian and Stacie Popejoy, from Madera Ranchos, Ca. Her life revolves around her animals. She is working on mastering her breed of perfection within her rabbit tree. She loves riding her horse Party and will be breaking her first colt this year. Selby says “Be like a pineapple, stand tall, wear a crown, and be sweet on the inside.”



Bailey is 10 years old and from Squaw Valley, Ca. She is the daughter of Shane and Meredith Gibbs. Currently Bailey is attending Dunlap Elementary school where she is in the 5th grade. Bailey enjoys riding her horse Lucy and going camping with her family. Bailey actively participates in our gymkhana series here at the rodeo grounds where she has built her confidence on her horse Lucy. If you don’t see Bailey riding, you can find her cheering on her peers. Today Bailey is running around our arena on her brother’s horse Mouse, thank you Easton for sharing! Bailey has been apart of the MRA since she was 5 years old, tagging along with her dad to many events. Bailey has dreams to become a large animal vet. Bailey would like to thank everyone for attending this year’s rodeo, she hopes that you all enjoy the show!



Lexie is 10 years old, the daughter of Brian and Stacie Popejoy, from Madera Ranchos, Ca. She enjoys riding her horse, Strawberry, in gymkhanas and she enjoys showing her rabbits. Lexie says, “Don’t have a good day, have a great day!



My name is Maisie and I am 7 years old. I live in Coarsegold with my mom Kristi, my dad Tyler, and my little brother Travis. I got interested in the rodeo royalty competition last year when I tried mutton bustin and got to meet the rodeo queens. I just started riding horses this year and I have been in love with it ever since! When I’m not horseback riding, I enjoy snowboarding and wakeboarding. I would like to thank my coach Shana and her daughter Paisley for all of the time they have spent training me. I couldn’t have done this without them!



My name is Heidi. I go to Centerville Elementary dual immersion. I am currently a competition dancer where I dance in solo, trio, and a small group. I love to ride horses, go to gymkhanas, go camping with my family and friends, swim, and play with my friends.



Cassidy is a 6 year old cowgirl from Reedley, California. She is the daughter of Matthew and Jessica Wolter. Cassidy is a first grader at Thomas Law Reed school, and when she grows up she wants to be a jockey and a rodeo star. She loves riding her horse Buddy in the Mountain Rodeo Play days, go-kart racing and riding her quad around her grandparents ranch in Squaw Valley. Cassidy is very outgoing, and looks forward to representing the Mountain Rodeo Association.